INI Blog is a platform where we put forward our ideas on themes as wide as design, its implications, the design process, our working, sustainability, issues facing a developing economy, emerging themes and practices in architecture and design, society, culture and environment. Our blog features explicit thoughts and also scientific writings by our team.

INI design philosophy has centered itself upon ‘collaboration’ and is guided by research, sustainability and integrated design process. Working together not only amongst ourselves, but with our clients, end users, community, and also the site itself, our design process is communicative, flexible and incorporative
A successful collaborative design process is one that is able to clearly identify the goals, both individual and collective, the tasks involved, and the appropriate team to accomplish them. Once the goals are identified, understanding the vision of the project from the client’s perspective and from the user’s perspective is very important. Thus, bringing all stakeholders together in a communicative dialogue where the perspective of each one of them can be understood forms the basis of our design process.

A good design for us lies at the intersection of aesthetics, functionality and cohesiveness. We think of built forms as ecosystems, where every element is linked to the other. It is only when the congruent behavior of each element of the built environment, the people using them and the utility that the structure will bring is understood in depth that a better informed design can be delivered. This allows us to deliver ‘Integrated Ideas’ and that is what defines the design philosophy at INI Design Studio

Design Process

The Start

It started when in 1998 Jayesh Hariyani joined Burt Hill in Butler, PA U.S.A. Burt Hill grew into top international design brand spread across many offices in USA and internationally. Later in 2007-08 Jayesh is elected as a member of the Board of Directors of Burt Hill.

2007 - Beginnings in India

Jayesh moved to India to expand Burt Hill's international foot print with operation in India/South Asia, also in the same year Bindu joins Burt Hill in India as Operations Director.

Pranav Kumar, Bhrugu Gangadia, Bhaumik Patel and Bhavna Prabhakaran join the Burt Hill India office bringing in years of contextual understanding and local experience.

Nainesh Patel joins the firm as a facility manager.


2008 Paresh Dholakia joins Burt Hill in India to establish the Project Management Consultancy (PMC)

Chintan Thanki joins the firm as finance manager.


Harsh Goel moves to India after 7 years in USA to join Burt Hill India team to establish Landscape/Urban Design Practice.


Arpan Dalal and Saumil Mevada join Burt Hill India design and architecture team after years of experience in UK and USA respectively.

Rakhi Vora joins the team after 15+ years of design career in top architecture offices in India.

Strategic merger of Burt Hill and Stantec at global level. This merger brings portfolio of diverse services to our clients, operating from over 200 offices with 12000+ professionals across globe.


Nikul Shah moves to India after 6 + years award winning design career in USA and joins Stantec-Burt Hill India design and architecture team and to establish Interior Design practice.


Aswin Patel joins Stantec-Burt Hill India team's Workshare Program.


Stantec-Burt Hill opens office in Pune. Prasad Latkar, founder of PATPL in Pune joins Stantec-Burt Hill India team. Prasad and his firm bring 25 years of award winning India experience on board.

Dharmesh Gangani joins Ahmedabad office. Dharmesh brings years of local and international experience along with applied research expertise.

Adi Mistri, founder of Mistri Hardaway Architects in USA joins Stantec-Burt Hill India team. Adi and his firm bring over 40 years of award winning design and practice experience in USA to the India team.


Parth Joshi returns to India after 12 years of award winning building engineering design career in USA and joins Stantec-Burt Hill India team.

Stantec-Burt Hill India restructures its brand and ownership for India/South Asia region and introduces a new brand called INI Design Studio .

INI Design Studio merges with Sheth Techno Consultants Pvt. Ltd., a nationally known building engineering design company in India.

Pradip Sheth, founder and director of Sheth Techno joins INI. He and his firm bring over 40 years of engineering design and practice experience internationally and throughout India.

Amit Mehta and Nehal Thakkar of Sheth Techno join INI following 15 years each of accomplished engineering experience.


INI Design Studio integrates Sheth Techno Consultants Pvt. Ltd and its Mumbai, Ahmedabad and Kolkata offices with the INI group. Our combined strength of the INI Brand integrates architects, interior designers, engineers, planners, urban designers, landscape architects, artists, graphics designers and technical staff.

INI Design Studio is a multidisciplinary design firm with a diverse portfolio offering professional consulting services in Architecture, Engineering, Planning, Urban Design, Landscape, Sustainability, Interiors, Research and Art. INI stands for ideas that are driven by a number of I’s such as Inquiry, Imagination, Innovation, Inspiration, Inclusiveness and many more I’s. But most importantly it stands for Integrated Ideas, referring to the integrated and collaborative nature of our practice and out of the box design ideas.

Integrated + Idea driven design
International + Indian design expertise
Innovative Inspiring design
Inquiry Imagination driven team
Inclusiveness Introspective design process

INI team, with its rich international experience and expertise dedicated to excellence in design, has a strong record of successfully delivering sustainable designs for our clients with integrity, team spirit and best practices, both here in India and internationally. Our concepts integrate architecture, engineering and infrastructure, urban design and planning by incorporating cutting edge innovation for energy efficiency and sustainability into the design of all of our projects. Our Studio was established in mid-2007 with an idea of bringing international expertise with professionalism and design closer to the communities that we serve. Having experienced the practice and cultures of developed countries and being aware of the prevalent conditions in the developing countries, we see design as a bridge that could bring the two worlds closer and bind people together, helping them move along with the changing times.

“INI’s vision is to become one of the top design firms in India and internationally with a practice based on research, sustainability and integrated design.”


*In India, architecture services are provided by INI Design Studio, a partnership firm.