INI design studio was entrusted by the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation to redesign the streetscape along the busy main street, 100 ft. road or the Anand Nagar Road. The street has been under tremendous pressure due to increased traffic and growing building density on its periphery. Haphazard parking and encroachments have added to the traffic congestions. The right-of-way has no walkable sidewalks. Further due to encroachments, the effective usable public right-of-way is much reduced. Such right-of-way needed a clear demarcation of its boundaries with walkable sidewalks and organized parking and vehicular zones. Design evolved with the intent of creating safe walkable green streets with organized parking and traffic movement. The design responds to the existing context and takes into considerations the existing parking and building access conditions. The design proposes the following:


  • Removing encroachments from the periphery of right of way and demarcate the extent
  • Extending the asphalt carpeting in the entire right-of-way width
  • Sidewalks and parking areas designed to allow undisturbed thorough movement of traffic
  • Service / side lane proposed in the right-of-way towards the private properties to retain access to the parking areas in the same
  • Wider and safer sidewalks with ramps
  • Tree plantation and street furniture


  • Location: Ahmedabad
  • Project area: ----
  • Services: urban design
  • Accolade: ---