The Ahmedabad Urban Development Authority (AUDA) has identified Central Business District (CBD) within the city of Ahmedabad. Within this zone the FSI has been increased to allow densification. This site also falls under CBD, with the highest FSI of 5.4 in the city.

The design approach has evolved from the site constraints. With the given site shape, the idea is to create public spaces vertically at different levels referring to ‘vertical urbanism’. The focus is to integrate socially responsible living spaces within the built form design. Rather than expressing a monolithic tower the design is composed of two stacks responding to the program, which rise from the base with retail spaces. These stacks are separated as well as integrated by the courtyards and green spaces which allow the building to breathe involving some valuable break-out spaces. Direct accessibility from the upcoming metro station and segregating public realm and private realm within the built form by means of podium and tower have also been the design drivers. The facade is designed as a screen with punctures that integrate elements like shading, wind control, daylight penetration.


  • Location: Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
  • Project area: 2,35,000 SF
  • Services: architecture design
  • Accolade: -----