INI was shortlisted to design this new higher education campus on a relatively flat 500-acre site on the outskirts of Indore. The campus master plan is designed to be an iconic, unique form. The design partiis based on the engineering idea of gears working synchronously to work towards a singular goal of learning. The three circles are based on the 5-minute walk principle. These circles encompass the three main functions of the campus - the academic zone, the student residential zone and the faculty residential zone. These zones come together to create the great campus green that is flanked by the main administration building, the library and the auditorium. The focal point of the campus is a symbolic tower termed “the cathedral of learning”. This tower becomes a beacon for the campus that is readily visible from the surrounding area and as well provides a sense of orientation to the occupants and the visitors of the campus. The buildings are oriented to gain maximum advantage of passive solar and natural wind direction to further enhance their sustainability features. The campus is designed with a vehicular ring road around the core campus, while the paths within the zones are mainly for pedestrians and bicyclists.


  • Location: Indore
  • Project area: ---
  • Services: urban design
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