Sustainability was the driver for the design of this site that has extreme slopes, sensitive ecology, breathtaking views, and a river running through it. INI was short listed to compete for the design of this unique 538 acre project. After thorough analysis of site conditions, INI created a master plan that treads very carefully on the sensitive terrain. The identity of the campus is created by several elements that work together in harmony – the tall tower on the hill with its commanding presence, the administration building complex as a landmark in the middle of the academic and residential areas, the iconic forms of the auditorium and the exhibition center, and the student and recreation center with a range of student activities. Layers of zones follow the contours that have distinct functions and identity. These are then cross connected by various means to create multiple opportunities for interaction. The zone closest to the river is the most active. As one goes up the hills, the zones change progressively, with the most calm and passive zone at the uphill edge of the campus, making a quiet transition to the natural landscape. While creating the connections throughout the campus, multiple places are created that can be shared by the community for various purposes. There are places where informal learning can occur; places where formal and informal entertainment can take place. These places knit together the campus and create a sense of belonging and community for the residents and users of the campus.


  • Location: Mandi
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  • Services: urban design
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