An extremely challenging 200 acre site at the intersection of the Western Ghats and the Deccan plateau, which is a part of a large 5400 hectare development, became the basis of the concept development of the International University. The landmass has been sensitively treated, making minimum changes in the terrain through cut and fill interventions. Existing plateaus have been identified to make clusters of buildings.

The lake and the creeks leading to the lake become the defining elements for laying out the pedestrian streets in the campus. The architecture of the buildings is planned such that there are changing vistas and breathtaking vision of the building and the landscape, as one progresses along any of these streets. The buildings are made using local materials. Singly loaded corridors open the classrooms towards the view of the valley while the services are stacked on the side receiving harsh sunlight. Trellises with creepers and volumetric break-out spaces along the corridors act as shading devices. Solar panels and terrace gardens mold these as sustainable buildings.

  • Create a world class campus that respects site topography existing lake and landscape features
  • Generation of over 35% of energy on site; Reduction in potable water consumption by over 50%; Reduction in the amount of waste sent to landfill by 70-90%

Credits : *Stantec in association with INI


  • Location: Pune, Maharashtra
  • Project area: 213 Acres
  • Services: Master Planning, Architecture, Landscape
  • Accolade: