The site accessed through a major arterial road and part of the new development in east of the city. It is a linear site with longer axis along the east-west axis and an area of 16.92 Acres. The diverse program included a hotel, a corporate office building for ITC, Offices for IT-ITES, Knowledge Hub, Dining, and Recreation. The design for the campus responds to the strong sustainability focus of ITC. The buildings are oriented along the north-south axis with building cores along the southern façade. A linear central park that run east-west connects all the major program components. Near the IT-ITES it opens up to create a grand central plaza, anchored by water features, amphi theater, café, etc. Green walls with solar panels are proposed on the south facade.


  • Location: Kolkata
  • Project area: Confidential
  • Services: Architecture Design, Engineering, Landscape Design, Urban & Regional Planning, Sustainability
  • Accolade: