As a finalist in a design competition, we proposed an innovative tower that integrates sustainable design and principles throughout the entire structure. Pure pragmatic approach to “green” architecture extended to the form of this building, which acts as a giant lung supplying fresh air to the occupants and reduces the overall energy load on the building. A prerequisite of the design was that the building shape must lend itself to natural ventilation. In taller buildings it is advantageous to utilize the lowered pressure generated at the top, due to higher wind speeds than at the ground. This was achieved by lifting the building off the ground to create an intake. Second, we opened a vertical channel through the center of the mass to connect the ground level intake to the faster moving air at the top of the structure.


  • Location: Bengaluru
  • Project area: 14,00,000 SF
  • Services: Urban & Regional Planning, Architecture Design, Landscape Design, Engineering ,Sustainability
  • Accolade: