To create a landmark destination that is a tourism anchor point for the Kakinada-Hope Island-Coringa Wildlife Sanctuary loop as well as a recreational destination for the local community. Kakinada Beach Front Development Master Plan proposes an experiential public space that offers walkable boardwalks that gives you access to the beach, retail space and various accommodations while providing beautiful natural backdrop.

The central approach avenue leads the way to the Dolphin Park and Amphitheatre with huge Godavari River in the background creating a pleasing promenade for the tourists to visit as well as the locals that are relaxing. The master plan also offers water laser show, marina and pedestrian bridges over the backwater creek to give access to the picturesque Kakinada Beach front. Various recreational activities such as Wax Museum, Aquamarine Park, Amusement Park along with Convention Center, Hotel Accommodations and Retail and Food courts are provided to tend to the tourists and local community’s needs to spend quality time on the banks of Godavari River. The modular architectural definition of the proposal provides a combination of positive and negative places/open spaces (green spaces, buffers, courtyards etc.) to tie the proposal together.

  • Bring the city of Kakinada on the recreational tourism map of domestic as well as international tourists
  • Provide an international level tourist destination that celebrates the public spaces around the waterfronts
  • Special emphasis given to retain, Restore and Rejuvenation of the existing Creek


  • Location: Kakinada, Hope Island, Konaseema
  • Project area: 62 Acres
  • Services: Tourism Master Planning, Urban Design, Landscape, Architecture, Infrastructure Design, Tender + GFC,Research and Publication
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