A service apartment tower and a high end residential tower. With this basic program the client sought an iconic structure that would stand out against the background of Mumbai. Given this goal and the site’s proximity to the Arabian Sea an iconic shape was produced by connecting the two towers via two bridges. The base addresses the street experience connecting the retail shops to the street via large storefronts and vivid signage. Above the retail sits four levels of parking for the residents of the two towers. The service tower consists of five 650 s.f. units per floor. The luxury apartments consist of two 1500-2000 s.f. units. They are situated on the south side of the site above the street intersection. The two towers are linked by recreation spaces. The lower bridge serves as the recreation functions for the service tower while the upper bridge services the luxury tower.


  • Location: Andheri, Mumbai
  • Project area: 950,000 SF
  • Services: Urban & Regional Planning , Architecture Design
  • Accolade: ---