Contrasting the tall sky scrapers of the upcoming Gujarat International Finance Tec-City (GIFT city) is Samruddhi Sarovar and the adjoining promenade which becomes the social and cultural hub for the large masterplan.

A serpentine path slithers forth, creating pockets of manicured lawns and paved plazas, along the banks of Sardar Sarovar. This path then diversifies and projects outward—acting as a connector, a portal to bring in more people of the economic district towards the lake front. This grand path is called the ‘Samruddhi Path’—a roadway to prosperity.

In this way, a functional program of storing water is treated such that it becomes a catalyst for social interaction and cultural celebration. It also serves the dual purpose of providing a sensorial relief to the work community and making the area ecologically sound.

Key design interventions in terms of landscape features and details make this a vibrant participant in the public realm of the Smart City.


  • Location: GANDHINAGAR
  • Project area: 35 acre
  • Services: Landscape
  • Accolade: