The design for this buzzing hub of economic activity in the state of Gujarat was strongly influenced by the specific requirements of the facility. The high density of people-movement that the space was expected to experience, criticality of safe and efficient movement within and flexibility for future changes in office spaces were the driving factors for design. The design with a focus on energy efficiency and also being sensitive to the industry’s dependence upon sunlight for assorting and grading of diamonds lets ample daylight in all the office spaces. Grand atrium-like spaces not only let the light in, but also bring in a sense of openness. Green spaces and food courts are planned on every floor to provide for break-out spaces for socializing and informal interactions. Efficiency is maintained through the vehicular and pedestrian movement, ensuring no overlaps and adequate gates for entry and exit. The routes are designed to minimize travel and walking time within the premises and maximize time efficiency and security. Strategically located security lobbies ensure quick access to all spaces within it.

Credit: in Association with Essteam, Sohne&Partner &Dream scape


  • Location: surat
  • Project area: 73,28,818 SF
  • Services: Urban & Regional Planning, Architecture Design, Landscape Design, Engineering, Sustainability
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